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Emily Margolis

Emily Margolis head shot

Emily Margolis

Dr. Margolis received her PhD in History of Science and Technology from Johns Hopkins University in spring 2019. Her dissertation, "Space Travel at 1G: Space Tourism in Cold War America," explores the origins of space-themed attractions and amenities that proliferated across the the American South in the late 1950s and 1960s. She argues that "space tourism" provided an opportunity for the public to make meaning of the nation's activities in space.

Her research interests include the social and cultural history of science and technology, history of spaceflight, urban history, and gender studies. Emily has over ten years of experience in museum work and museum-based scholarship.

Latest Planetary Radio Appearance

Space Policy Edition: The Home Front During Apollo (with Emily Margolis)

August 02, 2019 • 83:25

Did the public support Project Apollo? Dr. Emily Margolis joins the show to explore the domestic politics and cultural impact of the space age throughout the 1960s. Despite the success of the lunar landings, there was more opposition to Apollo than we generally remember.

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Tourism: Apollo's Forgotten Legacy

September 30, 2019

Americans were deeply divided over the value of the Apollo program. One member of Congress had a radical idea: open Kennedy Space Center to the public.

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