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Alexis Tranchandon

Alexis Tranchandon head shot

Alexis Tranchandon

Alexis Tranchandon is a music teacher and lives near Paris, France. He discovered the night sky by sailing boats and developed a passionate interest for the cosmos and space exploration, especially for unmanned spacecraft.

He was particularly taken by the quality of reprocessed images from Voyagers missions made by amateurs. He realised that the space imagery databases are absolute treasures opened to all, but was also frustrated to know that many more unprocessed images are likely to stay in that state. He decided to teach himself how to process these images. His work can be viewed on his Flickr page.

Latest Processed Space Images

Voyager 2 approach movie - brown barge

July 27, 2017

This movie is based on 66 violet color filter frames obtained by the Voyager 2 spacecraft on (almost) every Jovian rotation from April 26, 1979 to May 24 1979. All images are aligned on the brown barge located in the North Equatorial belt.

Jupiter from Juno: great polar spot

June 08, 2017

This image was captured by the Juno spacecraft during Perijove 6 at an altitude of 8901.1 km on 19/05/2017 (Image 112).

North polar storms on Jupiter

May 26, 2017

This image of spiral storms in the north polar region of Jupiter was captured by the Juno spacecraft during its sixth perijove flyby at an altitude of 12,579 km on May 19, 2017. Sharpness, color channel mixing, and brightness have been enhanced.

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