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Emily LakdawallaSeptember 19, 2012

Curiosity sol 43 update: First science stop

It's now the early hours of sol 44, and JPL held a phone briefing today with the latest news from Curiosity. Before I hit the high points, I learned a new word today: "solorrow." When you're living on Mars time, it's confusing to use "tomorrow" to mean "the next sol on Mars" when that sol starts at some time totally unrelated to the time at which today becomes tomorrow on Earth. So if you're talking about Earth days, it's yesterday, today, and tomorrow; if you're talking about Mars sols, it's yestersol, tosol, and solorrow.

OK, here's the summary of the last and next few sols:

I've updated my sol-by-sol summary with these notes.

Curiosity route map to sol 43

NASA / JPL / UA / Phil Stooke

Curiosity route map to sol 43
You can actually see the rock "Jake Matijevic" in the HiRISE image if you click to enlarge; it is just to the right of the label for the sol 43 drive.

Read more: mission status, Curiosity (Mars Science Laboratory)

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