Emily LakdawallaMay 01, 2012

Some redesign notes & big thanks for your patience

It's been not quite a week since we launched our redesigned website, and I wanted to write a note to thank you all for two things.  First, thank you for your almost uniformly positive comments about the new site -- it's gratifying to know that you like it!  And second, thank you for your patience as you come across broken links & bookmarks and other problems.

The thing that seems to be causing the greatest concern among the largest number of people is A. J. S. Rayl's MER updates, which are currently not available on our new website; and people have noticed that no update has yet appeared for May 1.  I'll deal with that first: there's no May 1 report available because it's not done yet! These reports often got posted a few days late, so that's nothing unusual.  It'll appear here in the blog as soon as we get it and can post it.

As for the archive, good progress has been made on preparing those for posting.  I'm hopeful that we'll have the archive of MER updates restored before the end of May.

People have been emailing me with questions about where certain content has gone. I've got a list now of pages that people have requested to see carried over to the new site, and will slowly work through it. I have to thank you again for the kind tone of (most of) these emails; I ask for your continued patience as there's only so many hours I can work in a day (I am supposed to be working part-time!!), and my first priority is the continued production of new and exciting content.

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