Emily LakdawallaJan 12, 2012

Watch today's Google+ Space Hangout

Fraser Cain at Universe Today has a knack for working at the cutting edge of social networking technology. The latest thing is Google+ Hangouts on Air, a sort of multi-person video conference that can be watched by an unlimited number of viewers. Ordinary Google Hangouts are limited to 10 participants; Hangouts on Air can have up to 10 participants and umpteen viewers. Fraser has organized a weekly Space Hangout that happens at 1800 UTC on Thursdays, and kindly invited me to participate. This week's lineup included me as well as Nancy Atkinson, Pamela Gay, Ian O'Neill, Nicole Gugliucci, Phil Plait, Alan Boyle, and Jon Voisey. The conversation centered mostly on news on exoplanets and dark matter coming out of the American Astronomical Society meeting happening this week in Austin, but I chimed in with a little news about something closer to home, namely Dawn at Vesta.

I won't be able to participate in these every week, because they happen at the same time as my daughter's science/computer classes and I sometimes go in to assist in her classroom. But I'll shoot for doing at least two every month! If you do watch and enjoy this one, please give it a "Like" on Youtube or a "+1" on Google.

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