Emily LakdawallaDec 29, 2010

A unique look inside the SOFIA telescope and other cool stuff

Did you know that before Bill Nye was the Planetary Guy or even the Science Guy he was an aerospace engineer, designing components for the Boeing 747? He and Planetary Radio producer Mat Kaplan recently enjoyed an amazing opportunity to fly aboard a very special 747: the one that houses the SOFIA telescope. Last week's Planetary Radio was all about the visit to SOFIA, and as an added special feature Bill and Mat shot tons of video from their SOFIA visit, which you can watch here. These are just unbelievable views of the inside of a complex new instrument -- built inside the hull of a decades-old airplane design, which is pretty fascinating to see.

Bill Nye with Bob Meyer and Pam Marcum aboard the SOFIA 747
Bill Nye with Bob Meyer and Pam Marcum aboard the SOFIA 747 Image: Mat Kaplan

Also posted in the last two weeks -- "Lou's View" on the "Rocket to Nowhere"; an awesomely detailed catalog of microrovers (with more about our Microrover project here). And the most recent Planetary Radio features Linda Spilker with an update on Cassini.

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