Emily LakdawallaAug 06, 2010

Bill Nye Cuts the Ribbon at New Headquarters

We brought in the big scissors to inaugurate our new Planetary Society headquarters. Incoming Executive Director, Bill Nye, cut the red ribbon at the Open House held August 5, 2010. Lou Friedman lent a hand with the official "snip," assisted by advisors Robert Picardo, Rosaly Lopes and Charley Kohlhase. Hundreds of visitors, including Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and board member Wes Huntress, toured our new offices, listened to presentations on LightSail and Phobos LIFE, and met the Planetary Society staff. And even though our first open house for the new building has ended, we invite supporters to stop by and say hello if you ever visit Pasadena.

Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon Cutting Ribbon cutting ceremony at the Planetary Society's new headquarters. Rosaly Lopes, Charley Kohlhase, Louis Friedman, Bill Nye, and Robert Picardo. Planetary Society Open House, August 5, 2010.Image: The Planetary Society
Open House
Open House Buzz Aldrin and Louis Friedman at The Planetary Society's Open House, August 5, 2010.Image: The Planetary Society

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