Merc BoyanMar 20, 2015

Announcing: Planetary TV!

Hopefully by now you have seen some or all of the new videos that the Planetary Society has been producing the last few months. We have released a few highlight videos from our Planetary Radio Live events and we’ve launched new series like Random Space Fact and the Space Advocate. And now the time has come for us to take all of these new videos and pile them up together in one place. We’re calling it: Planetary TV!

And no, Planetary TV is not on TV. That’s the best part about it! It’s online at so you can watch all these videos any time you want. Wait a minute, why am I writing a blog to tell you about Planetary TV, when I could just show you this video with me and Bill?

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.

So there you have it! There are even brand new videos to watch right now! Including my personal favorite: Dawn of Orion

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.

Be sure to keep checking back to for new videos and if you really want to help out, share them with your friends! Feel free to find me online @mercboyan and if you are able to make it out to one of our live events, I’ll be the guy walking around with a camera and sporting a shiny Planetary Society pin on my shirt. Come say hello :)