Day of Action Deep Prep: Planetary Defense

The protection of Earth from hazardous asteroids and comets—planetary defense—is one of the three core enterprises of The Planetary Society. Working through this deep prep session will increase the participant's expertise on the major issues, recent history, and politics driving planetary defense policy in the United States.


General Planetary Defense

NEO Surveyor

NEO Surveyor is a proposed space-telescope to seek out and characterize potentially hazardous NEOs, and could launch as early as 2026 if funding were provided this year.

Double-Asteroid Redirection Test (DART

DART is a mission in its final development phase and is scheduled to launch late this year. No advocacy is needed for this mission, but it is important to know the current planetary defense mission at NASA.


After this reading, you should be able to:

  • Clearly explain the concept, importance, and relevance of planetary defense

  • Understand the threat that near-Earth objects pose to Earth, and what can be done to prevent a potential impact in the future

  • Explain the need for the NEO Surveyor mission, and how it would address congressionally-mandated goals for NEO detection

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