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Dawn Journal: Conjunction Junction

Marc Rayman • January 05, 2009

Having fulfilled all of its assignments for 2008, the Dawn spacecraft has been unusually quiescent recently.

Dawn Journal: Aiming Away From a Bull's Eye at Mars

Marc Rayman • November 30, 2008

The Dawn spacecraft is healthy and on course for its flyby of Mars early next year. The planet's gravity will help boost the probe on its way to rendezvous with Vesta.

Dawn Journal: A Pause in Thrusting

Marc Rayman • October 31, 2008

The Dawn spacecraft continues on course and on schedule for its bold campaign to unexplored worlds.

Dawn Journal: One Year Since Launch

Marc Rayman • September 30, 2008

On the first anniversary of its departure from Earth, Dawn continues with what it has been doing for most of its time in space. With the greatest patience, it is gently reshaping its orbit around the Sun with its ion propulsion system.

Dawn Journal: Some Explanations of Orbital Dynamics

Marc Rayman • August 28, 2008

The Dawn spacecraft continues to make good progress on its adventure to unlock scientific secrets hidden deep in the main asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter.

Dawn Journal: We Crave Power!!!

Marc Rayman • August 05, 2008

Dawn continues its flight through the solar system with all systems functioning well.

Dawn Journal: Cruising Past Mars' Orbit

Marc Rayman • June 30, 2008

Now using an ion thruster that had been powered off since October, Dawn continues to make steady progress on its journey deeper into space.

Dawn Journal: Ion Propulsion

Marc Rayman • May 29, 2008

The Dawn mission continues smoothly, as the spacecraft reliably thrusts with its ion propulsion system, demonstrating all the patience of a...well, of an ion-propelled spacecraft!

Dawn Journal: Software Updates

Marc Rayman • April 23, 2008

Dawn continues its powered flight, having accumulated more than 100 days of ion thrusting since its launch nearly seven months ago. All systems are healthy as the probe patiently and persistently propels itself through the solar system.

Dawn Journal: One AU from Earth

Marc Rayman • April 23, 2008

Dawn is as far from Earth as the Sun.

Dawn Journal: Backup Camera Checks Out

Marc Rayman • March 03, 2008

Treating intercalary days just as it does most other days in its interplanetary cruise, today Dawn continues patiently and ever-so-gently reshaping its orbit around the Sun with the delicate yet persistent push from its ion propulsion system.

Dawn Journal: Safely Cruising

Marc Rayman • February 01, 2008

Now in interplanetary cruise, the Dawn spacecraft is following a much more leisurely pace than the one it maintained during the initial checkout phase of the mission.

Dawn Journal: Checkout Complete, Interplanetary Cruise Underway

Marc Rayman • December 18, 2007

After the remarkably successful initial checkout phase, Dawn is now in the interplanetary cruise phase.

Dawn Journal: Halfway Through Checkout

Marc Rayman • November 14, 2007

Now more than halfway through its 80-day initial checkout phase, the Dawn spacecraft continues to please its fans in mission control and throughout much of the rest of the universe.

Dawn Journal: Testing, Testing, Testing

Marc Rayman • October 26, 2007

Dawn's checkout phase continues to go very well. The spacecraft is healthy as it and Earth travel their separate ways, separating at almost 1 light second per day.

Dawn Journal: Firing Up the Ion Propulsion System

Marc Rayman • October 09, 2007

Joining an elite club among spacecraft, Dawn successfully fired up its xenon ion propulsion system on October 6.

Dawn Journal: Launch!

Marc Rayman • October 02, 2007

The Dawn project welcomes you to deep space! Dawn is operating smoothly on the fourth day of its eight-year adventure.

Dawn Launch: A Brilliant Flash and a Thunderous Roar!

Ken Kremer • September 27, 2007

At 7:34 a.m. EDT the Delta II Heavy roared off launch pad 17 B at Cape Canaveral with a brilliant flash of glowing orange light and billowing white smoke.

Dawn Journal: Awaiting Launch II

Marc Rayman • September 21, 2007

The countdown is underway for Dawn's liftoff on September 26 at 7:25:00 am EDT. This is the second time our hero has been within a few days of launch.

Dawn Journal: What to Expect After the Launch III

Marc Rayman • September 14, 2007

Now less than two weeks from its planned September 26 launch, Dawn is eagerly awaiting the beginning of its fantastic adventure.

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