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The Planetary Post - Feb 2016

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Hello, Robert Picardo here.

As you may have heard, I’m now a proud member of the Planetary Society Board of Directors and along with that I’ve decided to kick off a new series called The Planetary Post. This is a monthly newsletter/video of the most notable space happenings sent directly to your electronic mailboxes. Bill Nye was my first guest. Take a look at the video.

Here are links with more info about everything in the video and more:

ExoMars: Launching March 14th. The European Space agency is looking for trace gases in the Martian atmosphere. Explore the ExoMars official mission overview for more information.

Space Advocacy Blitz: Our Space Policy team is headed to Washington D.C. on Feb. 22nd and 23rd to support space exploration — see what they did last year in the 2015 episode of The Space Advocate.

Planet 9: Have you heard? There may be an undiscovered super-Earth at the edge of our solar system. Sorry Pluto, there’s a new Planet 9. Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown are the team responsible for Planet 9 and they visited Planetary Radio.

Gravitational Waves: A hundred years ago, Albert Einstein predicted the existence of moving ripples in space and time. They are not only fascinating, but potentially very useful to astrophysics. Here are the details on last week’s discovery of gravitational waves.

OK Go Music Video: Putting the A in S.T.E.A.M., The Planetary Society is a nonprofit partner of the new zero-g music video from OK Go.

You can click the image below to download a breathtaking high-resolution copy this month’s Picardo’s Pic.

I hope you enjoyed the first issue of The Planetary Post. See you next month!

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo
Board Member, The Planetary Society