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LightSail Legacy and its Next Chapter

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Join Mat Kaplan in a discussion about LightSail and its legacy going forward. Mat is joined by very special guests Jennifer Vaughn, COO of The Planetary Society, and Dr. Bruce Betts, The Planetary Society's Chief Scientist and the Program Manager for the LightSail Mission.

They discuss how the LightSail mission continues by sharing what we've learned about solar sailing in scientific journals and at conferences with scientists and engineers from around the world and how we will build a master archive of all the mission data to help inform future solar sailing missions. Plus, they talk about the upcoming book, which will include the most breathtaking photos from LightSail, stories from its launch, and key technical data about the mission.

LightSail is YOUR Mission, one that was funded solely by Planetary Society members, donors, and backers of our Kickstarter campaign. Join us as we tell the story of LightSail, going all the way back to Carl Sagan's dream of "flight by light!"