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Digital Day of Action 2023 - Prep Rally

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The 2023 Digital Day of Action brought together space advocates from across the world to rally around the policy priorities of The Planetary Society; explore worlds, search for life beyond Earth, and protect the planet from dangerous asteroids.

Learn from experts in the fields of planetary science, public policy, and grassroots advocacy, and learn how to turn your passion for space exploration into action to support The Society’s 2023 priorities.


Dr. Bethany Ehlmann:

President of The Planetary Society. A professor of planetary science at Caltech and a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dr. Ehlmann specializes in mineralogy, remote sensing, and astrobiology. She leads the NASA Lunar Trailblazer mission and is a member of numerous Mars mission science teams, while also contributing to space policy as part of the National Academies Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Science. Ehlmann has received prestigious awards and fellowships throughout her career, and holds degrees from Washington University, the University of Oxford, and Brown University.

Casey Dreier:

Chief of Space Policy for The Planetary Society, is a space policy expert, demystifying the politics and policy process behind space exploration for all audiences while leading strategic planning for The Planetary Society's space policy and advocacy program. Casey has been featured in major publications and media outlets, and hosts the podcast Planetary Radio: Space Policy Edition.

Jack Kiraly :

Director of Government Relations for The Planetary Society, is passionate about uniting people in the pursuit of space science and exploration. With a background in electoral politics and community organizing, Jack works to implement advocacy strategies, maintain relationships with key decision-makers, and engage the public in the policymaking process.

Dr. M. Darby Dyar:

Professor of Astronomy at Mount Holyoke College, specializes in planetary science, with a focus on understanding the distribution of elements throughout the solar system. As Deputy Principal Investigator on the VERITAS mission, she has published over 260 scientific papers and received numerous awards for her contributions to the field. Dyar actively supports undergraduate researchers in her Mineral Spectroscopy Laboratory, collaborating with students from the Five College Astronomy Department.

Dr. Jennifer Whitten:

Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane University, specializing in planetary geosciences. As the Associate Deputy Principal Investigator for the VERITAS mission, she plays a significant role in advancing our understanding of Venus. With a wealth of experience in NASA missions and field research in locations like Iceland and Antarctica, Dr. Whitten is an expert in planetary geology.