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PlanetVac Testing on Xodiac Rocket

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Taking samples of other worlds is an important step towards discovery, but it is an expensive and complex process. Honeybee Robotics and The Planetary Society teamed up to solve this problem. This is PlanetVac.

After a few prototypes, PlanetVac is ready to be tested in Mojave, CA on a Xodiac rocket made by Masten Space Systems. NASA selected PlanetVac to fly on a Xodiac rocket as part of its Flight Opportunities program. If this PlanetVac Xodiac test is successful, it will significantly increase its chance of being selected on a real space mission.

PlanetVac Xodiac was supported by Planetary Society members. Over 800 people joined the team by donating. Thank you to the 887 donors from 35 countries who supported PlanetVac Xodiac in 2018. Special thanks to Pendleton Ward and Dustin Roberts who provided generous matching funds to inspire the community in support of the project.