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Voyager 2 approach movie - brown barge

Voyager 2 approach movie - brown barge
Voyager 2 approach movie - brown barge This movie is based on 66 violet color filter frames obtained by the Voyager 2 spacecraft on (almost) every Jovian rotation from April 26, 1979 to May 24 1979. All images are aligned on the brown barge located in the North Equatorial belt. Voyager 2 Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS): NASA / JPL-Caltech / Alexis Tranchandon / Solaris

While Juno is currently providing us the most spectacular and unusual views of Jupiter, this animation is a good reminder that all images of the planet are just snapshots of something that is always evolving, sometimes very quickly. The Jovian atmosphere is a lively and eventful place, a lot happens all the time. Processed with Gimp to see more details, the 66 frames were tweened, increasing the number of frames for a smoother animation (2 synthetic images are inserted between each real image). The original Gif file (25.1 Mo) is too big to upload here, I uploaded only a reduced version. You can find full-resolution here.

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