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Opportunity "Beagle Crater" Panorama

Opportunity "Beagle Crater" Panorama
Opportunity "Beagle Crater" Panorama This 360-degree view shows one of Opportunity's last stops on the now-familiar surface of Meridiani Planum before reaching different terrains associated with the very large Victoria Crater. In the center of the mosaic is Beagle Crater, an impact crater about 35 meters wide. On the far left and wrapping around to the far right, Opportunity's tracks are visible approaching the crater. Opportunity took the mosaic of images that make up this 360-degree view of the rover's surroundings with the panoramic camera onsols 901-904 (6-9 Aug 2006). This is an approximate true-color image combining exposures taken through the panoramic camera's 753-nanometer, 535-namometer, and 432-nanometer filters. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Cornell

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