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Mars InSight landing infographic

Mars InSight landing infographic
Mars InSight landing infographic Advance predictions for the details of InSight's landing made several weeks beforehand. Adjustments to the trajectories of InSight or Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter may change these times by up to several seconds, as could weather on landing day. All times include 8.1 minutes of one-way light time delay (accounting for the time it takes signals to travel from Mars to Earth). Abbreviations used in the labels: EDL = entry, descent, and landing; E = entry; T = touchdown; h m s = hours, minutes, and seconds; UT = Universal Time (subtract 8 hours for Pacific, 5 for Eastern, add 1 for European time, add 8 for Japan). Revised 15 November 2018 to correct an error in InSight's atmospheric entry speed. Emily Lakdawalla for The Planetary Society

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