Goldilocks Valley
Goldilocks Valley Planetary Society member Martin Eichinger made this piece titled “Goldilocks Valley.” Martin’s work, which is inspired by imagery from Hubble and JWST, is made of several layers of poured epoxy that result in translucent panels that can be hung and viewed from both sides. “The process is slow and involves chemical additives that evolve as if geologically within the slowly setting epoxy,” says Martin. “Crystalline patterns that I can influence, but not completely control, emerge overnight as I sleep. It's kind of a Rumpelstiltskin thing, except I have not had to promise my firstborn child away. It's more like a free gift from the Universe. I just think ‘Edge of Galaxy’ and then pour my best guess. Then I give it up to Rumpel and wait for ‘EoG’ to emerge.” Martin Eichinger