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A world of dunes and rock

A world of dunes and rock
A world of dunes and rock On Sol 2,034, Opportunity had driven to a relatively bedrock-rich spot among the Meridiani dunes. A meteorite named Mackinac, the third it had investigated in recent weeks, sits at about the 7:00 position, close to the rover. The image is a polar projection of a 360-degree Navcam panorama captured by Opportunity after a 60-plus-meter drive to the northwest. The direction of the drive was almost directly away from Opportunity's eventual goal of Endeavour crater, but it placed Opportunity on a large area of bedrock that continues for some distance to the south, Opportunity's likely next driving direction. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Mosaic: Damien Bouic; Polar projection: Phil Stooke

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