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Spirit forward hazcam animation, sols 2078-2138

Spirit forward hazcam animation, sols 2078-2138
Spirit forward hazcam animation, sols 2078-2138 Sixty days of efforts to extricate Spirit from the sand trap at Troy have been, so far, unsuccessful. This animation is composed of 21 right-front hazard avoidance camera images captured from sols 2078 to 2138. The camera has a wide "fish-eye" field of view that can see the workspace in front of the rover, between the two front wheels, all the way to the horizon and Husband Hill in the background. NASA / JPL-Caltech / animation by Emily Lakdawalla

Download the animation at full resolution in Quicktime format (3.5 MB)

Here's a summary of what's happened to date. RR = right rear wheel; RF = right front; LM = left middle; etc. Sol 2088: Drive forward, aborted due to too-tight limit on rover tilt Sol 2090: Drive forward in 2 steps of 2.5m, ended early after 1cm forward motion limit reached Sol 2092: Drive forward in 2 steps of 5m, ended mid-drive after RR stall Sol 2095: Drive forward 1.5 m for RR diagnostics, indicate RR works Sol 2099: Drive forward in 2 steps of 5m, aborted in RR stall after 1.5m of wheel turns Sols 2104-5: RR diagnostics at cold, medium, and warm temperatures Sol 2109: RR diagnostics show elevated resistance and no motion Sol 2113: RF wheel shocks everybody by rotating a little; other tests indicate electrical short to rover chassis Sol 2117: Right-side diagnostics: RF rotates normally for 3 steps; but failed during 4th; RR did not move Sol 2118: RF diagnostics indicate intermittent functionality; RR nonfunctional; drive forward unproductive Sol 2120: Drive forward results in left bogie angle increasing (LM lifted into air) Sol 2122: Drive to flatten left bogie doesn't work as planned Sol 2126: Drive commanded with all six wheels, 5 steps of 10m each; aborted during 5th step due to excessive sinkage; RR and RF did not rotate Sol 2130: Wiggle wheels before drive, aborted during wiggle due to excessive resistance to turn Sol 2132: LF, LR, RR steered 60 degrees inward then forward to try to scoop and pack soil before drive; aborted during steering due to excessive resistance to turn in LR wheel Sol 2136: straighten wheels, drive 4 steps of 2.5m each, toe in RF to align treads to hoped-for direction of rover motion, drive 4 more steps of 2.5m each; terminated due to excessive sinkage Sol 2138: A drive, not yet described on JPL website.

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