13 meters = big changes

13 meters = big changes
13 meters = big changes

The items shown in red on this Ground Systems Development Office rendering show which major pieces of the mobile launcher must be removed, altered or added.

Red acronyms:
ICPSU: Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage Umbilical
CAA: Crew Access Arm
OSMU: Orion Service Module Umbilical
EFAU/EAFU: Exploration Upper Stage umbilicals

Green acronyms:
CSFSU: Core Stage Forward Skirt Umbilical
VSS: Vertical Stabilizer (System)
CSITU: Core Stage Intertank Umbilical
TSMU: Tail Service Mast Umbilical
ASPU: Aft Skirt Purge Umbilical
VSP: Vertical Support Post