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Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Update


Mat Kaplan
Phone: +1-626-793-5100

On June 21, 2005, Cosmos 1, a project of The Planetary Society and Cosmos Studios, was launched by a Russian submarine from the Barents Sea. Cosmos 1 is the first solar sail spacecraft and is designed to sail on light, using photons for propulsion in Earth orbit.

The following is a statement regarding the status of the mission at 3:00 PM PDT:

The Cosmos 1 spacecraft was launched today but we cannot, at this time, confirm a successful orbit injection. Some launch vehicle and spacecraft telemetry data gave ambiguous information during the launch. Since the orbit insertion burn, no signal has been received from the spacecraft. There are continuing efforts to receive a signal from the spacecraft.

The Planetary Society will continue to post updates on its website at as information on the status of the spacecraft becomes available.

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