Planetary Radio • Feb 07, 2011

Voyager 1 at the Edge of the Solar System, With Ed Stone

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Ed Stone

Voyager Project Scientist and David Morrisoe Professor of Physics for California Institute of Technology

Voyager 1 recently reached another milestone on its journey into interstellar space. We get an update on both spacecraft from Ed Stone, Voyager Project Scientist for nearly forty years. Dr. Stone also reports on the Thirty Meter Telescope project. Bill Nye shares his excitement about Kepler's discovery of more than 1,200 possible new extrasolar planets. Emily Lakdawalla picks up that theme in her report on the Planetary Society blog. Bruce Betts and Mat Kaplan go where no solar system scale model has gone before. They also promise a copy of Solar System for iPad" as the prize in the new space trivia contest."

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