Planetary Radio • Sep 28, 2009

Is This How to Land People on Mars?

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On This Episode

Neil Cheatwood

Principal Investigator

Beth Wusk

IRVE Project Manager

Steve Hughes

IRVE Lead Engineer

The Inflatable Re-entry Vehicle Experiment or IRVE was a success! It might have put us on the path to landing much bigger spacecraft on the Red Planet. We talk with Project Manager Mary Beth Wusk, Principal Investigator Neil Cheatwood, and lead engineer Steve Hughes. Bill Nye applauds the discovery of water on the Moon, but doesn't believe this means humans should go there. Emily Lakdawalla's Q&A looks at the limitations of adaptive optics on telescopes. Bruce Betts and Mat Kaplan have a new space trivia contest with a collector's edition of The Universe to give away in their What's Up segment.