Planetary Radio • Oct 22, 2012

Amazing Science at the 2012 DPS Meeting

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Hammel heidi

Heidi Hammel

Vice President, Board of Directors of The Planetary Society; AURA Vice President for Science

Bell jim

Jim Bell

Past President (2008-2020), Board of Directors of The Planetary Society; Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University; Principal Investigator, NASA Perseverance rover Mastcam-Z instruments

20130325 lopes rosaly

Rosaly Lopes

Senior Research Scientist/Manager for Planetary Science for Jet Propulsion Laboratory

William Hartmann

Planetary scientist, author, and artist

Bill Borucki

Kepler Principal Investigator

Stern A Photo High Res Speaking

Alan Stern

New Horizons Principal Investigator

The 44th annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences brought Earth's most productive planetary scientists to Reno, Nevada last week.  The Planetary Society's Emily Lakdawalla and Mat Kaplan were there to report on the amazing science unveiled. Planetary Radio talks to many of the major players. Bill Nye heads to Washington for the celebration of 50 years of solar system space missions. What's Up offers the weekly guide to the night sky and a t-shirt to the winner of the space trivia contest.

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Audio Excerpts

DPS Women in Astronomy Presentation (MP3)
Many scientists at the 44th Annual DPS Meeting in Reno, Nevada came to the Women in Astronomy luncheon to hear about opportunities and challenges facing female astronomers. Kelsi Singer presents in this audio excerpt.

Complete Planetary Radio Interview with William Hartmann at DPS (MP3)
At the 44th annual meeting of the Division of Planetary Sciences, veteran planetary scientist William Hartmann presented fascinating results from applying an Earth climate model to Mars.

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About how many times brighter is the Sun than the full moon as seen from Earth?

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What PLANETS did Cassini fly by on its way to Saturn?

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Question from the week before:
What is the shared first name of the Principal Investigators for the next two Mars missions?