Planetary Radio • May 29, 2012

Author Kim Stanley Robinson Takes Us to 2312

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Kim stanley robinson by gage skidmore

Kim Stanley Robinson

Science Fiction Author

In his new novel, 2312, Kim Stanley Robinson share his vision of a brave new solar system that is chock full of humanity.  He tells us about it in a special, extended podcast conversation. Emily Lakdawalla enjoys the new guest blogger contributions at  Bill Nye is back to share congratulations for SpaceX, with its Dragon capsule now a full-fledged transportation system.  And Bruce Betts will tell us about the sky wonders still in store over the next couple of weeks.

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What is the name of the simple scale commonly used to rate the appearance and brightness of the moon during total lunar eclipses?

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Last week's question:
Who performed the first known observation of a Venus transit, and in what year?

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Question from the week before:
What is the current approximate value of the Hubble Constant?

72 kilometers per second per megaparsec is a pretty good approximation.