Planetary Radio • Feb 07, 2005

Sami Asmar: The Man Who Told Us The Huygens Probe Made It

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Sami Asmar

Manager of the Radio Science Group for Jet Propulsion Laboratory

A conversation with Sami Asmar, Manager of the Radio Science Group at the Jet Propulsion Laborartory. He was waiting at one of the world's biggest radios for a billion mile message of success from the Huygens probe as it descended through the thick atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan. Sami also talks about the Huygens experiments he is working on. Emily Lakdawalla's Q&A considers the liquid that apparently sculpted Titan like the Arizona desert, and it wasn't water. Bruce Betts tells us how we can catch his new TV role and presents a new space trivia contest. All this and space headlines, too.