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Lunokhod 1's path as seen from LROC

Lunokhod 1's path as seen from LROC

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Albert Abdrakhimov; base image by NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University; original Lunokhod map by Peredvizhnaya et al.NASA / GSFC / ASU /

Lunokhod 1's path as seen from LROC
A portion of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photo M114185541RC, with a 1978 map of the Lunokod 1 traverse superimposed. The identification of Luna 17, Lunokhod 1, and the rover's tracks was made based on analysis of the Lunokhod navigation records and TV camera panoramas.

Here are a couple of zooms onto the lander and rover.

LROC view of Luna 24 on the Moon

NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University

LROC view of Luna 24 on the Moon
Luna 24 landed in Mare Crisium on August 22, 1976, collecting 170 grams of dust and rocks and returning them to Earth. This Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter image reveals that the lander sits on the ejecta of a fairly fresh crater.
Lunokhod 2's tracks

NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University

Lunokhod 2's tracks
This browse-resolution view of the eastern end of Lunokhod 2's 37-kilometer traverse across the Moon shows that the rover's tracks were still visible more than 27 years after the spacecraft's January 15, 1973 landing. The image is roughly 4 kilometers wide.

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Original image data dated on or about November 30, 2009

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