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Planetary RadioMay 15, 2006

Rusty Schweickart and More from the International Space Development Conference

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On This Episode
Elon Musk Head Shot
Elon Musk

Founder, SpaceX

Planetary Society Logo P - Light Blue
Peter Diamandis

Chairman, X Prize Foundation

Rusty Schweickart Head Shot
Rusty Schweickart

B612 Foundation Chairman and Apollo 9 Astronaut

Lots more from the ISDC, including Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart, SpaceX founder Elon Musk, and X Prize Foundation Chair Peter Diamandis. Emily Lakdawalla's Q&A is on when New Horizons will send us better pictures of Pluto than we already have. A new space trivia question of galactic proportions on What's Up, with Bruce Betts and Mat Kaplan.

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