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The Planetary Report • March/April 2011

Lava Lakes

On the Cover: Lava lakes are beautiful, fascinating, and formidable expressions of active volcanism. They, and the volcanoes they top, are portals to Earth’s hot, roiling depths. Nyiragongo volcano, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is one of less than a handful of volcanoes on Earth with an active, long-lived lava lake. In January 2006, Tom Pfeiffer took this photo from only 600 meters above Nyiragongo’s lava lake.
Tom Pfeiffer,


4 Your Place In Space: Oh, To Be Young and Spacefaring by Bill Nye

5 Snapshots from Space: Comet Crash by Emily Stewart Lakdawalla

6 Once, We Went to the Moon by John M. Logsdon

10 Lava Lakes on Earth and Io by Ashley Gerard Davies

16 We Make It Happen! FINDS: One Step Closer to Faraway Earths by Amir Alexander


20 Questions and Answers

22 Members’ Dialogue

23 Society News

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