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Vitaliy Egorov

Egorov Vitaliy head shot

Vitaliy Egorov

Виталий Егоров (Vitaliy Egorov) is a journalist, enthusiast and popular writer about space research. He is the founder of the largest community devoted to MSL Curiosity on Vkontakte (Russian Facebook). He participates on as Zelenyikot.

Latest Blog Posts

The solar eclipse in Africa seen from space

November 05, 2013

On Sunday, the shadow of the Moon passed across Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. This was the last solar eclipse of the year. The Elektro-L satellite was able to observe the eclipse, and we can see the darkness of the lunar shadow covering Africa.

On space kindness and the Chelyabinsk meteor

October 04, 2013

Through an act of kindness, we now have images of the Chelyabinsk meteor trail from Russia's Elektro-L satellite.

Beautiful science by Elektro-L

August 08, 2013

Six months ago, I wrote about the Russian weather satellite Elektro-L, which has more than two years of successful experience in the geostationary orbit. Then I promised that I would be here to share the materials that we collected. I think it's time to deliver on the promise.

Latest Processed Space Images

Chemcam RMI mosaic of cross section of Kimberley outcrop from the north, Curiosity sol 576

March 28, 2014

While parked about 4 meters away from Kimberley, Curiosity performed a ChemCam analysis of a part of the "striated unit," which included six overlapping images shot through its telescope. The photos (which have been colorized using a lower-resolution Mastcam image) reveal thin and thick beds as well as a knobby texture that may represent concretions in the rock or granules or pebbles embedded within the rock.

ChemCam/Mastcam mosaic of Mount Sharp dunes and foothills, sol 507

January 22, 2014

Curiosity used the ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager (RMI) on sol 507 as a telescope to look at detail in the distant foothills of Mount Sharp. The image has been colorized with a lower-resolution Mastcam image.

The November 3, 2013 solar eclipse in Africa seen from Elektro-L

November 05, 2013

On November 3, 2013, the Russian geostationary satellite Elektro-L saw the Moon's shadow on the ground in west Africa.

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