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Allen Perkins

Allen Perkins

Latest Processed Space Images

Voyager 1 approach to Saturn

September 19, 2017

Excerpt from a continuous, repeating sequence of blue, orange, and green filtered images taken by Voyager 1 on September 12, 1980, T14:57:22–23:54:58, on its way to Saturn. All images automatically stabilized and manually cleaned. The orange, green, and blue filtered records were each slowed down by 33.33% using motion interpolation, creating two synthetic frames between every two original frames. This allowed each color record to be registered to one another without creating double or triple images. When the motion interpolation failed in small parts of the image that moved too fast, garbage mattes were employed featuring information from the other two color records, with the brightness of the matte adjusted to match the target record. Each interpolated and corrected record was laid over one another into one full color image, with the orange, green, and blue records being assigned to the red, green, and blue channels, respectively. The relative luminance of each color record has not been subjectively altered - what you see is just calibrated Voyager color. 25 frames per second, or 40 minutes per second.

Departing Pluto

August 30, 2016

New Horizons captured this sequence of images with its LORRI camera during the first week after its flyby of the Pluto system. This animation has been aligned on stars faintly visible in the background. Pluto's path appears to curve against the background stars because of the gravitational influence of Charon; the two similar-sized worlds mutually orbit a point well outside of Pluto, rotating around the system barycenter once in seven days. Charon is not visible in the animation initially because it is out of frame, and later because its thin crescent is too faint.

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