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Gerald Eichstädt

Earth from Junocam (EFB08)

Gerald Eichstädt

Gerald Eichstädt is a mathematician working as a software professional and amateur scientist. He is working on a spectrum from research on foundations of mathematics, to pure and applied mathematics, and to applications in software engineering and development. His professional work usually isn't published, but becomes part of software products or services of client companies. He is co-owner of a small software company. He participates at under the name "Gerald."

Latest Processed Space Images

Jupiter's swirling clouds

May 22, 2019

JUNO CAPTURED a swirling region of bright clouds in the wake of a cyclonic storm as it dove toward its 18th close encounter with Jupiter on 12 February 2019. At left is the turbulent, blue-tinted pole; at right, the polar clouds give way to the pinker belts and zones of Jupiter’s midlatitudes. The Juno team posts their images in raw, relatively unprocessed form on the web as soon as they land on Earth—and wait for members of the public to process them. This image is the result of an automated processing pipeline developed by Gerald Eichstädt of Germany, followed by further enhancement by Seán Doran of Ireland.

Jupiter from Juno’s seventh perijove

July 13, 2017

Juno captured this view of Jupiter during its seventh perijove flyby on July 11, 2017, from a distance of 11,445 km.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot from Juno

July 12, 2017

Juno captured this view of Jupiter's Great Red Spot during its seventh perijove flyby on July 11, 2017 from an altitude of 9866 km. This flyby took Juno closer to the Great Red Spot than any previous mission to Jupiter.

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