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Jason DavisMarch 16, 2017

Trump's first budget proposal is out. Here's how NASA fared

The Trump administration released its first federal budget request this morning

The 62-page document covers fiscal year 2018, which begins on Oct. 1. It’s known as a "skinny" budget—not because of its cuts to discretionary spending, which are significant—but because first-term presidents have had less time to fill in all the details of their future policy plans. A more detailed budget proposal is expected in spring.

Two pages are dedicated to NASA. Here are the highlights:

Today’s budget release is only one step of the overall process. As mentioned above, a more comprehensive budget is still pending. Both the House and Senate will weigh in on the proposal, make changes, and send a final version back to the president for a signature. Additionally, Congress has yet to solidify a budget for fiscal year 2017, having passed a series of continuing resolutions to fund most of the government at 2016 levels.

But today’s announcement is still significant because it acts as a starting point for Congress. Overall, the Trump budget calls for defense spending to increase by 10 percent, while some federal agencies like the EPA stand to take major hits.

We’ll have more analysis on this in the days and weeks to come. Don't miss our special Planetary Radio space policy edition podcasts for more background details! Additionally, you can view this spreadsheet for some selected budget numbers

Europa Clipper concept

NASA / JPL-Caltech

Europa Clipper concept
NASA's Europa Clipper mission would launch as early as 2022 and assess the habitability of Europa, paving the way for a future separate lander mission.

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