Emily LakdawallaOct 22, 2010

Tyler Nordgren's awesome "Planetary Park" posters

Ever since I first saw Tyler Nordgren's gorgeous and witty "Enceladus Cold Faithful Planetary Park" poster, I knew I wanted it on a T-shirt. (It was included in one of his "Stars Above, Earth Below" blog entries from 2007.) Now, I'm happy to announce that not only do I have my Enceladus Cold Faithful Planetary Park T-shirt, but you can get the design on a shirt or a poster at our store. It's up there with four other poster designs, including Io Loki Patera and Titan Seashore Planetary Parks:

Tyler Nordgren's 'Planetary Park' posters

Tyler Nordgren

Tyler Nordgren's 'Planetary Park' posters
Astronomer and artist Tyler Nordgren created a series of "U.N. Department of the Exterior Planetary Park" posters in the style of the iconic 1930s WPA posters for America's National Parks. Buy these designs on apparel and posters at the Planetary Society's Cafepress Shop.

There are two other designs, "See Mars: United States Travel Bureau" and "See the Milky Way in America's National Parks: Half the Park is After Dark." That last one would be great for dark-sky advocates!

The designs look pretty good on T-shirts (I've put men's and women's styles in separate store sections); I recommend going for white or very light shirt colors. But they look truly awesome on Cafepress "Mini Poster Prints," which are 11-by-17-inch (28 by 43 cm, roughly A3 size) posters -- I think the set of 3 posters (Enceladus, Titan, Io) would brighten any space geek's office! They'll be going up on the wall at the Planetary Society's headquarters for sure.

Many, many thanks to Tyler for sharing these designs with us!

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