Emily LakdawallaOct 02, 2008

Carnival of Space #73

An acrostic Carnival of Space is posted for your pleasure at Alice's Astro Info.

And while I'm linking to things, check out all this new stuff on The Planetary Society's website.

Planetary Radio this week features Doug Ellison talking about Europlanet. Last week it was Ann Druyan on new honors for Carl Sagan.

Amir Alexander has been busy. There's a [email protected] update about a new spin-off called the Quake Catcher Network, and an update on the Phobos LIFE project.

A.J.S. Rayl just posted her monthly rover update, and also a detailed story on Monday's Phoenix press briefing.

You can download a paper presented by Lou Friedman and Jacques Blamont on "A New Paradigm for Space," which they presented at this week's International Astronautical Congress.

We asked our members to fill out a survey on what they thought the space priorities of the next president should be, and here's what they said. (And while I'm talking about the next president, a message to all of you Americans: make sure you're registered to vote! Go here to figure out how to register.)

And just for giggles, here's a revolutionary idea: WETI, or Wait for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The WETI institute mission statement begins:

The mission of the WETI Institute is to understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of intelligent life in the universe. The WETI Institute has chosen an entirely novel approach to achieve that goal. Instead of actively searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, the idea is to simply WAIT - until the others find us.

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