Emily LakdawallaJun 02, 2008

Watch American Astronomical Society events on Ustream

Several other space bloggers including Star Stryder Pamela Gay, Bad Astronomer Phil Plait, and Universe Today's Fraser Cain are in St. Louis, covering the American Astronomical Society meeting. They've been streaming press conferences on Ustream, and later today will also be streaming a special session on New Media and the International Year of Astronomy. I'll be presenting at 12:28 PDT / 19:28 UT, but you should tune in for all the other interesting presentations. I'm not there in St. Louis; I'll be presenting remotely, from my home office.

Here's the schedule for the session, titled "My Space, Your Space, and Virtual Space: New Media E/PO," running from 12:00-13:30 PDT / 19:00-20:30 UTC

Jordan Raddick --
1.01. Citizen Science in the Internet Age
Lars Lindberg Christensen --
1.02. The Portal to the Universe an IYA2009 Cornerstone Project
Pedro Russo --
1.03. The International Year of Astronomy 2009 Websites _ Connecting IYA2009 with its Community
Emily Lakdawalla --
1.04. Passengers on Voyages of Exploration: The Beautiful and Surprising Work Amateurs Can Do With Raw Image Data from Planetary Missions
Fraser Cain --
1.05. The Community of Space/Astronomy Bloggers
Adrienne J. Gauthier --
1.07. Astronomy Education and Public Outreach in Virtual Worlds
Philip Plait --
1.08. Social Network Infiltration
Pamela L. Gay --
1.09. New Media E/PO: Building a Digital Astronomy Community

You can follow the meeting more generally over at Astronomy Cast Live. Pamela has the details.

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