Emily LakdawallaApr 01, 2008

A new surprise from Mars Global Surveyor

Although Mars Global Surveyor has fallen silent, scientists are still reporting new discoveries in its images. The latest astounding find from the long-lived orbiter is the familiar shape of another beloved spacecraft.

Where no man has gone before


Where no man has gone before

Well, yes, but this cloud formation certainly bears a striking similarity to this spaceship:

Enterprise at Mars

Paramount Pictures

Enterprise at Mars
The Starship Enterprise flies by a terraformed Mars in the remastered version of the Star Trek original series opening credits.

In other Mars news, it appears that Earth is no longer enough for Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Their plans for world dominance are now extending out into the solar system with a new venture, Project Virgle, the first permanent human colony on Mars. There's even an application questionnaire. If any of you readers go so far as to submit the 30-second video explaining why you want to live on Mars, send me the Youtube link!

And once you're tired of April Fool's silliness, you can come back to the real Mars for the latest update on the rovers by A. J. S. Rayl.

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