Emily LakdawallaMar 11, 2008

LPSC: Spiders and Swiss cheese on Mars, and a lunar lander network

Since I was not able to attend most of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, I am delighted to be able to link to the new weblog of three graduate students studying Martian geology at Cornell University; they're launching their weblog with their coverage of the Mars sessions (and occasionally other topics) at LPSC. This evening Ryan Anderson posted about presentations on the Swiss-cheese texture of sublimating carbon dioxide deposits on Mars; and on an interesting proposal for the diverse countries doing lunar exploration to get together and develop a common architecture for some lunar science. And Melissa Rice posted on long-term monitoring of "araneiform" features (otherwise known as "spiders"). The third member of the Martian Chronicles team, Briony Horgan, has yet to check in with a report. Support this new venture by reading them and sending them comments! Not enough science students are encouraged to take the time and effort to engage the public on the subjects that we scientists are all so passionate about.

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