Emily LakdawallaJul 08, 2005

A little break

So it's been an exciting but arduous couple of months, and I need a holiday, so I'm taking one. When I was told to start working on the Cosmos 1 Weblog, we (that is, the Web department here at the Society) really had no idea that people would enjoy it as much as they seemed to. So we decided that I should try to keep this Weblog up, through Deep Impact and beyond; and I mean to! This vacation was planned long before that decision was made. In the future, when I take a break, my bosses may bring in another voice for you to read, but we just weren't ready to arrange that this time, being a little preoccupied with the Solar Sail and Deep Impact. Which is a long way of saying that there is going to be a week's break in The Planetary Society Weblog while my husband and I go have a nice time in Spain, without my computer.

In the meantime, I hope you also get a chance to enjoy your summer (winter, for you Southern Hemisphere folks), at least a little bit. Get out of your office and away from your computer. Focus your eyes on a distant vista instead of your glowing computer screen. Use your hands to climb a rock or swim or make a fantastic meal instead of typing, at least for a few hours.

When I get back from vacation I'll be recharged and ready to rock and roll. I'll be pumped to see the images come down that fantastic Cassini Enceladus encounter next week, and MESSENGER Earth flyby two weeks later, and the launch of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter a week after that!

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