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Our Vision

Know the cosmos and our place within it

Our Mission

Empower the world's citizens to advance space science and exploration

Our Values


We are fervent supporters of space exploration. We deliver our very best in all we do to advance our mission, and we hold ourselves accountable for results.


We are an honest broker of information and trusted steward of resources. Our stakeholders trust us.


We bring a positive outlook and attitude to all that we do. Our work is visionary, solution seeking, and empowering.


We conduct our work in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and scientific principles.


Our work produces intended results. We know our strengths and how to leverage them.

Our Approach

We Innovate

Invest in innovative space science and technology

  • Provide citizens opportunities to participate in space science and technology projects
  • Improve the quality and quantity of space science and technology projects in which citizens can participate
  • Provide seed funding to innovative new science and technology projects

We Educate

Expand the horizons of public knowledge to increase support for space

  • Create accessible educational content
  • Help the scientific community inform the public
  • Help citizens educate others

We Advocate

Shape space policy and advocate for advances in space exploration

  • Empower space advocates to take action by providing resources and opportunities
  • Advocate for a NASA budget that supports a robust program of scientifically-motivated planetary exploration by humans and robots
  • Develop and promote new policy solutions

We Collaborate

Cultivate a worldwide movement of citizens, organizations, and governments working together to advance exploration and discovery

  • Engage our network of global members, volunteers and partners
  • Harness opportunities to connect experts, decision-makers, influencers and advocates

“Space brings out the best in us.”
- Bill Nye, CEO

Goals 2019-2023

1. Advance Our Core Enterprises: Explore Worlds, Find Life, and Defend Earth

After millennia of wondering and dreaming about space, humans can now examine our solar system and planets around other stars, search for signs of life off Earth, and protect our planet from dangerous space rocks. Today, all that stands between us and understanding our place within the cosmos is passion and commitment from people around the world. Below are the achievements we seek.

Explore Worlds: Increase discoveries about the worlds of our solar system and beyond

  • Build public support for planetary science and exploration
  • Encourage decision makers to prioritize continual progression of human and robotic exploration
  • Support science and technological advances in planetary exploration

Find Life: Elevate the search for life as a space exploration priority

  • Advocate for the exploration of worlds that could harbor life
  • Promote a broad approach to the search for life
  • Support scientific efforts dedicated to understanding the origin and nature of life in the cosmos

Defend Earth: Decrease the risk of Earth being hit by an asteroid or comet

  • Help observers find, track, and characterize near-Earth asteroids and comets
  • Support the development of asteroid deflection technology
  • Collaborate with the professional community and decision makers to develop international response strategies to defend Earth from an asteroid or comet threat

2. Grow Our Community

We will invest in mission-aligned strategic growth areas to build a community that is increasingly large, empowered, and international. These investments will enhance the member experience, strengthening their connection to space and each other. We are also committed to being a premiere source of high-quality educational information about planetary exploration, the search for life, and planetary defense. In the next five years, we will expand our organization, community, and endeavors globally to engage more people across our pale blue dot.

Strengthen our member community

  • Provide a top-quality member experience
  • Connect our members with each other
  • Provide meaningful opportunities to have an impact

Increase public knowledge about space

  • Create accessible space infomation and expertise that appeals to diverse audiences
  • Provide resources and tools to help citizens educate others
  • Inspire young people to develop a passion for space exploration

Increase international participation

  • Provide resources for global outreach
  • Create programs and activities relevant to international audiences
  • Cultivate relationships with international partners

3. Ensure Organizational Excellence

In all that we do, we strive to be the world’s largest, most respected, most effective citizen space organization. In the next five years, we will focus on the resilience of the organization, including improving our data infrastructure and diversifying revenue sources, specifically developing our long-term endowment, to maximize our positive impact.

Increase capacity

  • Build sustainable, scalable systems
  • Secure diverse, reliable funding to support increased programs and activities
  • Invest in strategic growth goals of increasing membership, educational reach, and international development

Build reputation

  • Cultivate high-impact relationships to advance our mission
  • Earn third-party recognition for excellence
  • Provide valuable insights and resources to professional communities, decision makers, and the media

Improve effectiveness

  • Build a culture of evaluation
  • Invest in organizational resilience
  • Prioritize opportunities for citizen action in support of space
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