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Planetary RadioMarch 2, 2018

Space Policy Edition #23 - Blitzing Congress: Planetary Society volunteers visit Capitol Hill

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On This Episode
Stefanie and Leah Griffith

Planetary Society members and blitz volunteers

Matt Renninger
Matt Renninger

Former Senior Manager, Government Relations, The Planetary Society

Jason Callahan
Jason Callahan

Former Space Policy Advisor, The Planetary Society

Casey Profile Picture Thumbnail
Casey Dreier

Chief Advocate & Senior Space Policy Adviser, The Planetary Society

Headshot of Mat Kaplan
Mat Kaplan

Planetary Radio Host and Producer

Society members from 21 states descended on the U.S. capitol for a "blitz" of 178 meetings in two days. Casey and special guest Matt Renninger explain why that is such an important activity, and blitzers Leah and Stefanie Griffith share their story of coming to Washington to speak for space.

A new episode of Space Policy Edition is posted on the first Friday of each month. Let us know what you think! Comment on this page or write to [email protected].

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