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Dawn Journal

Dawn Journal: Backup Camera Checks Out

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2008/03/03 11:32 CST

Treating intercalary days just as it does most other days in its interplanetary cruise, today Dawn continues patiently and ever-so-gently reshaping its orbit around the Sun with the delicate yet persistent push from its ion propulsion system.

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Dawn Journal: Safely Cruising

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2008/02/01 12:21 CST

Now in interplanetary cruise, the Dawn spacecraft is following a much more leisurely pace than the one it maintained during the initial checkout phase of the mission.

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Dawn Journal: Checkout Complete, Interplanetary Cruise Underway

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2007/12/18 09:36 CST

After the remarkably successful initial checkout phase, Dawn is now in the interplanetary cruise phase.

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Dawn Journal: Halfway Through Checkout

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2007/11/14 01:47 CST

Now more than halfway through its 80-day initial checkout phase, the Dawn spacecraft continues to please its fans in mission control and throughout much of the rest of the universe.

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Dawn Journal: Testing, Testing, Testing

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2007/10/26 04:40 CDT

Dawn's checkout phase continues to go very well. The spacecraft is healthy as it and Earth travel their separate ways, separating at almost 1 light second per day.

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Dawn Journal: Firing Up the Ion Propulsion System

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2007/10/09 05:37 CDT

Joining an elite club among spacecraft, Dawn successfully fired up its xenon ion propulsion system on October 6.

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Dawn Journal: Launch!

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2007/10/02 11:31 CDT

The Dawn project welcomes you to deep space! Dawn is operating smoothly on the fourth day of its eight-year adventure.

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Dawn Journal: Awaiting Launch II

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2007/09/21 03:46 CDT

The countdown is underway for Dawn's liftoff on September 26 at 7:25:00 am EDT. This is the second time our hero has been within a few days of launch.

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Dawn Journal: What to Expect After the Launch III

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2007/09/14 03:54 CDT

Now less than two weeks from its planned September 26 launch, Dawn is eagerly awaiting the beginning of its fantastic adventure.

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Dawn Journal: Dawn Prepares to Launch II

Posted by Marc Rayman on 2007/09/05 01:34 CDT

NASA is preparing (again) to bring Dawn to the Florida skies as all systems are gearing up for a September 26 launch.

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