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Appearances by Emily Lakdawalla

Emily Lakdawalla is available for speaking engagements, either physical or virtual. Possible presentation topics include:

  • The Golden Age of Planetary Exploration - what's currently happening with robotic exploration of the solar system, including lots of amazing photos, for any audience, small children through professional
  • The New Mars - Water on Mars, past and present, how we know what we know, what questions remain, and what active missions like Curiosity are doing up there right now, with lots of amazing photos - for a geek audience, junior high school through professional
  • Curious About Space? - Is there life out there? Are we alone? How did we get here? Why are Venus and Mars so different from Earth? Could we suffer the fate of the dinosaurs? What are the questions that motivate space exploration, and what are we doing to answer them? - for a nonspecialist audience, children and adults
  • Amateur spacecraft image data processing -- either what they are doing and why the pros should care, or how to process images (of course, featuring lots of gorgeous space photos) - for a professional/geek audience
  • Improving science communication - for science professionals or students (featuring fewer pretty pictures, but there will be some!)
  • I am a geologist - for young children (preschool to 10 or so) - I come dressed in geology field gear, discuss with kids what I'm wearing and why, hand around some props, finish with discussion of what other scientists wear to do their jobs, ask each kid to think about themselves as a scientist and draw a picture of how they'd dress to do the job. Goal: dispelling the preconception of scientists as men in white lab coats.

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Presentations from Previous Appearances

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Emily Lakdawalla
Emily Lakdawalla
Emily Lakdawalla
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