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Messages from Earth

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Starting with the launch of Cassini, The Planetary Society has created opportunities for people to participate in planetary missions by sending their names, messages, images, and wishes aboard spacecraft.  

The next message is leaving on: OSIRIS-REx

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission and The Planetary Society invite people worldwide to fly their names on a round-trip ride to the target of the OSIRIS-REx mission, the asteroid Bennu. Names will launch in 2016, spend over 2 years at Bennu, and return to Earth in the Sample Return Capsule in 2023. A copy of the names will also be placed on the spacecraft, which will remain in space long after the sample return capsule is back on Earth.

Your name and message sent on our current mission opportunity, OSIRIS-REx, is one of many Messages from Earth that have been sent on missions throughout our solar system…

This amazing combination of technology and the human spirit will chronicle humanity throughout the universe.

Messages from Earth is made possible by our collaboration with the space agencies around the world who make these amazing missions happen!

Section Highlights

Members' Names Flying in Space

Since 1996, the full list of active Planetary Society members has flown to space aboard nineteen different spacecraft.

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Messages From Earth Press Room

The latest information about our work to put our members' names, and where possible, additional names from the public on spacecraft.

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Visions of Mars

Visions of Mars is a message from our world to future human inhabitants of Mars, which arrived on the Red Planet on board the spacecraft Phoenix. Along with personal messages from leading space visionaries of our time, Visions of Mars includes a priceless collection of Mars literature, and art, and a list of hundreds of thousands of names of space enthusiasts from around the world.

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Messages from Earth: Hayabusa-2

The Planetary Society and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) invite you to send your name and message to Asteroid 1999 JU3 and return to Earth on Hayabusa 2 (returning to Earth in 2020).

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In 2016, The Planetary Society’s LightSail program will take the technology a step further.

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