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Planetary RadioDecember 27, 2016

Marvelous Martian MAVEN

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Nick Schneider
Nick Schneider

Associate Professor, Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado

MAVEN, the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution orbiter, has gone a long way toward solving the mystery of the Red Planet’s missing water and air. The University of Colorado’s Nick Schneider says it is also revealing gorgeous clouds, auroras and glowing skies. From the Sun to Pluto--so many North Poles! Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye the Science Guy has seen them in a recent blog post from Emily Lakdawalla. What do the late John Glenn and baseball great Ted Williams have in common? Far more than you may know, as we learn from Bruce Betts in this week’s year-ending What’s Up segment.

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Trivia Contest

This week's prizes are a lovely Planetary Radio t-shirt, now available in both men’s and women’s styles. Also, a 200-point astronomy account, and a Planetary Society rubber asteroid.

This week's question:

Among all the women who have flown in space, who did so at the oldest age?

To submit your answer:

Complete the contest entry form at or write to us at [email protected] no later than Tuesday, January 3rd at 8am Pacific Time. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Last week's question:

Who was the earliest born human to reach space? Use the official definition of the threshold of space: 100 kilometers.


The answer will be revealed next week.

Question from the week before:

What famous baseball player was John Glenn’s wingman in the Korean War?


Famed Boston Red Sox hitter Ted Williams flew combat missions with the late John Glenn over Korea.

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