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NASA's FY 2020 Budget

The Presidential Budget Request (PBR) for NASA's fiscal year 2020 was released on Monday, March 11th. It proposes a top-line NASA budget of $21.019 billion—a cut of $481 million or 2.2% compared to the previous year. This released contained top-line numbers for major programs, further details will be released on March 18th.

 2019 Enacted2020 PBR% Change
NASA $21,500 $21,019 -2.2%
Science $6,906 $6,303 -8.7%
Planetary Science $2,758 $2,622 -4.9%
Earth Science $1,931  $1,780 -7.8%
Astrophysics $1,496 $1,197 -20%
WFIRST $312  $0 -100%
JWST $306 $352.6 +15%
Heliophysics $720 $704  -2.2%
Exploration $5,050 $5,021 -0.6%
Orion Crew Vehicle $1,350 $1,266 -9.1%
SLS $2,150 $1,775 -17.4%
Lunar Gateway $450M  $821 +82%
Space Technology $927 $1,014 +9.4%
Space Operations $4,639 $4,285 -7.6%
Aeronautics $725 $666 -8.1%
STEM Engagement $110 $0 -100%
Safety, Security, & Mission Services $2,755 $3,084 +12%
Construction and Environmental Compliance $348 $600 +72%

All values are in millions of dollars.

The Trump White House has consistently proposed cuts to NASA relative to the congressional baseline, though the degree and scope of such cuts have been modest compared to other government agencies.

NASA's budget during the Trump Administration. The vertical axis displays both NASA's total congressional appropriation in billions of dollars and the amount requested by the President. The horizontal axis is fiscal years. NASA's full budget history dataset is available to view or to download as an Excel spreadsheet.

To learn more context about NASA's FY 2020 budget, visit our "What is NASA's Budget?" page.

Notable changes

Note: all quotes are from NASA's FY 2020 request materials.

Proposed Cuts in FY 2020


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