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Cosmoquest Image Processing Class with Emily Lakdawalla

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Links to sources of raw images & mission information:

Filter transmission diagrams:

Mars Exploration Rover Pancam filter responses

Bell et al. 2003 (DOI: 10.1029/2003JE002070)

Mars Exploration Rover Pancam filter responses
Pancam (top) geology filters and (bottom) solar filters normalized transmission profiles. All of the data plotted represent the total system throughput, but the solar filter response increase do not include the effects of the neutral density (ND) coatings. The solar filter response increase near 700–750 nm is a red leak in the blue solar filter (L8) that may contribute substantial red light to the blue solar filter flux. Additional characterization of the magnitude of this red leak is ongoing.
Cassini optics transmission

Porco et al. 2004 (DOI: 10.1007/s11214-004-1456-7)

Cassini optics transmission
The transmission of the optics of the NAC and the WAC as measured pre-flight. The WAC optics are Voyager-era spare optics which were used in order to reduce costs.
Cassini ISS medium- and broadband filter transmissions


Cassini ISS medium- and broadband filter transmissions
System transmission functions for NAC andWAC broad- and medium-band filters. Filters for the NAC are as follows: UV1, UV2, UV3 (purple: solid, dotted, and dashed); BL1, BL2 (blue: solid and dashed); GRN (green); RED, (red); IR1, IR2, IR3, and IR4 (orange: solid, dot-dash, dashed, and dotted). For the WAC: VIO (purple), BL1 (blue), GRN (green), RED (red), IR1, IR2, IR3, IR4 and IR5 (orange: solid, dashed, dotted, and the latter two not shown). The CL1/CL2 filter combination is given by the solid black line in both plots.
Cassini ISS narrowband filter transmission

Porco et al. 2004 (DOI: 10.1007/s11214-004-1456-7)

Cassini ISS narrowband filter transmission
System transmission functions for the NAC and WAC narrow-band filters. NAC filters are as follows: MT1, MT2, MT3 (purple: solid, dotted, and dashed); CB1, CB2, CB3 (green: solid, dotted, and dashed); and HAL (red). WAC filters are HAL (red), MT2, MT3 (purple: solid and dashed); CB2 and CB3 (green: solid and dashed). The geometric albedo of Titan is also given (solid black) to illustrate the placement of the methane band and continuum filters relative to the methane features in the spectrum of Titan.
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