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Snapshots from Space

by Emily Lakdawalla


Emily Lakdawalla





Follow the thrilling adventures of planetary missions, past and present, and see the stunningly beautiful photos that they return from space!

Planetary Society Advent Calendar for December 6: Umbriel

Emily Lakdawalla • December 06, 2009

Umbriel is the darkest moon in a pretty dark place in the solar system, the Uranus system.

What do we know about Uranus' moons? Part 2

Emily Lakdawalla • February 19, 2009

Here is every single image of the last two moons discovered prior to the Voyager 2 encounter, Titania and Umbriel.

What do we know about Uranus' moons? Part 1

Emily Lakdawalla • January 20, 2009 • 2

I got an urge to dive in to the Voyager image archives and see what exactly we have here on Earth to base our understanding of the Uranian moons on.

The Orbital Dance of Epimetheus and Janus

Emily Lakdawalla • February 07, 2006

Saturn is surrounded by a crowded family of rings and moons, and two of those moons -- Epimetheus and Janus -- orbit Saturn so close together that it seems as though their different orbital speeds should make them crash into each other.

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