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Matt Renninger

Matt Renninger

Matt Renninger

Senior Manager, Government Relations

[email protected]

As Senior Government Relations Manager, Matt is the day to day face of The Society and its members in Washington, D.C. Working closely with the Director of Space Policy and the Space Policy Advisor, Matt builds and maintains relationships with Congressional offices and the Administration that directly translate into policy gains for Society members. 

Matt brings several years of government experience to the table, having formally served as a congressional staffer to Congressman Rick Larsen (WA-02), acting as Rep. Larsen’s policy advisor for science and technology, among other issues. Matt also served for a year as the Senior Congressional Liaison at the Australian Embassy in Washington, D.C., covering a portfolio that included science, technology, foreign affairs and defense. 

In addition to being a returned United States Peace Corps Volunteer, Matt has an M.A. in Government and International Relations from the University of Sydney, and a B.A. in Political Science from Washington State University. 

Latest Planetary Radio Appearance

Space Policy Edition #14 – Ice Giants and Ocean Worlds Beckon

July 07, 2017 • 1:04:40

A new report builds the case for long overdue returns to Uranus and Neptune, while another proposal calls for exploration of the many bodies in our solar system that hide vast water oceans. Jason Callahan, Casey Dreier and Mat Kaplan dive into the troubled waters that determine which planetary science missions will get the limited funds available.

Latest Blog Posts

Planetary Society hosts space policy reception at Australian Embassy

September 06, 2017

This year’s International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is being held in Adelaide, Australia. Thanks to the generous support of our members, The Society’s advocacy and outreach capability is rapidly expanding, and we decided to step up our IAC advocacy this year.

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